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Be Bulletproof against rejection

Failing at a job interview or losing at a major new business pitch can make you feel demoralised, apathetic and can even cause you to question your own abilities.

We might face it on a regular basis in our careers but rejection hurts. Through the use of workshops, discussions, role play and interactive sessions, you’ll learn how to handle rejection in all major situations. This course shows you how to make yourself bulletproof against rejection for a job interview by providing you with a way of thinking that will help you to learn from the experience and actually turn it into a positive.

Similarly, you’ll learn how to react in a more positive, constructive way if you fail to win a contract or a new business pitch that you’ve been working for. The theory and practical sessions throughout this highly practical day will allow you to develop your own ‘tool box’ of techniques so that you’ll be well place to handle any kind of rejection. Participants are encouraged to introduce their own personal experiences as appropriate and to learn from each other and from the experts running the course.

Course details

Friday 5 October 2018
9:30 - 17:00
Central London