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“Take note of these rules and you’ll soon be a Teflon-coated manager.”

– Management Today




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Bulletproof Conversations

Learn how to get results from difficult conversations.

Part of the Be Bulletproof series. Experience the workshop of the popular business book.

Be Bulletproof How to achieve success in tough times at work. 10,000 copies sold across four continents.

Top performers are able to receive harsh or toxic criticism and use it to their advantage, while being able to deliver effective feedback to others. What’s the secret? This workshop uncovers practical methods that work and shows how we can all use them. 

During this highly interactive session, you will learn how to: 

  • Detoxify harsh feedback and benefit from it 
  • Deliver feedback that makes a difference while sustaining relationships
  • Influence and persuade others in tough or hostile situations 
  • Create a feedback-seeking and feedback-giving culture

You will see high-stakes situations brought to life by experienced actors. You will practice using the key ideas and the concepts, with feedback, advice and coaching. Through the use of simulations, discussions, case studies, and more than a little humor, we explore the essential tools of having bulletproof conversations and help you to turn these tools into habits.

What the UK Media are saying about Be Bulletproof: 

“Take note of these rules and you’ll soon be at Teflon-coated manager” 

Management Today

“Practical thought-provoking and inspirational solutions”

-Marie Claire

“A variety of case studies, interviews with psychologists, sports coaches and other trainers and a dash of timeless input from some of the world’s more ancient but well proven thinkers.”

- Personnel today

“Excellent advice on giving feedback, lots of ideas to absorb”

- HR Zone 

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Friday 7 September 2018
9:30 - 12:45
Novotel London West 1 Shortlands, London W6 8DR