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“Take note of these rules and you’ll soon be a Teflon-coated manager.”

– Management Today




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The Bulletproof Communicator

Effective leadership communication in tough times:

Learn how to communicate persuasively and deliver tough messages, without the pain...when the stakes are high and pressure is on.

We draw on the latest research and demonstrate practical methods to:

• Make people feel engaged during times of change and
 Win buy-in to unpopular messages 
 Deal with tough or challenging comments or   questions
 Project personal credibility and grace under pressure
• Turn around harsh criticism or feedback
• Hold difficult one-on-one conversations when the
  stakes are high
• Manage strong emotion productively

You will see high-stakes situations brought to life by actors. You will practice using the key ideas and concepts, with feedback, advice and coaching. Through simulations, discussions and case studies, we explore the tools of having bulletproof conversations and help you to turn these tools into habits.

What the UK Media are saying about Be Bulletproof: 

“Take note of these rules and you’ll soon be at Teflon-coated manager” 

- Management Today

“Practical thought-provoking and inspirational solutions”

-Marie Claire

“A variety of case studies, interviews with psychologists, sports coaches and other trainers and a dash of timeless input from some of the world’s more ancient but well proven thinkers.”

- Personnel today

“Excellent advice on giving feedback, lots of ideas to absorb”

- HR Zone 



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Friday 28 September 2018
9:30 - 12:45
Novotel, London West, Hammersmith