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“Threshold have worked with us to bring about a new leadership culture and have literally changed the lives of countless individuals across Aviva."


Group Organizational Development Director, Aviva Plc


What We Do

Customer engagement

We work with you to embed a customer-focused culture. Teams develop heightened emotional intelligence and deeper insight into customers, together with the drive and resources continually to remove obstacles to customer service.

We also enable your people to understand their own ‘emotional barometer’ and how to take a ‘reading of it.’ They develop awareness of how their emotional state varies and how this effects interactions with others.

Your people will be more effective rapport builders. They will learn techniques to turn around hostile comments, channel strong emotion constructively and make time and space to think and respond when under pressure. They will learn effective techniques to deal with hostile or adversarial customer situations, taking the toxicity out of the situation.

The combined effect of all of this is that your people become proficient in conversational techniques that can rapidly re-position a dialogue to make sure that is moves in a direction that is likely to prove most helpful.

In challenging scenarios, with trained actors, your people get to try out a number of different modes of communication. The act of practicing these will fine-tune their ability to decide which style or method to use and deliver it with proficiency and confidence.

We are particularly adept at helping telephone-based employees handle customers more effectively and enhance customer relationships. We have brought about measurable increases in customer satisfaction for a number of Financial Services organizations. We also help more senior executives improve their ability to build rapport, influence and persuade where deeper client partnerships are required.

Pfizer – Training Pharmacists in Customer Engagement

Pfizer Case StudyThreshold work closely with Pfizer as part of their Healthy Partnerships programme to train Pharmacist in customer engagement. The role of the pharmacist is changing. The pharmacist needs to be both consultant and advisor, a role that requires high a level of emotional intelligence and influencing skill. What’s more the Pharmacist needs to manage customers, under pressure in high-stress situations. Things go wrong, mistakes are made, queues and wait-lists build up and everyone wants everything at once. Emotional intelligence and the ability to respond under pressure are essential. One in the three of all qualified pharmacists in the UK, have been through Threshold training.

EY– Transforming Assurance

EY Case StudyIn a changing marketplace E&Y’s Assurance partners need to become more adept at building client relationships and proactively seeking out new business opportunities. The capability to build relationships is absolutely essential in the new world. Threshold works in partnership with E&Y to bring about the change in the way their partners think, feel and act. They learn about the concept of exceptional customer service and engage with it in a deep, intuitive way. This means that they understand and feel confident in deploying the psychology of relationship and rapport building.