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“Threshold have worked with us to bring about a new leadership culture and have literally changed the lives of countless individuals across Aviva."


Group Organizational Development Director, Aviva Plc


What We Do

Impact and influence

Large organizations frequently require people to work with complex and dynamic relationships. To perform and thrive in this environment, people need a sophisticated range of interpersonal skills. They need to know how to influence and inspire others… to get the right decisions made at the right time. It may be a case of a one-on-one conversation, or steering, managing and guiding meetings and group conversations in an effective direction.

This workshop equips your people with a range of practical tools to enable them to increase their emotional and social intelligence, and so helps them to manage relationships productively.

This means being able to communicate effectively, to defuse conflict, manage emotion, build rapport and get alongside others.

Coaching by trained actor-facilitators we will reveal the ways in which your people can dramatically increase their personal impact.

Your people will learn techniques to turn around stressful scenarios and make time and space to think and respond when under pressure. They will learn effective techniques to deal with hostile or adversarial communication, taking the toxicity out of the situation.

Because our facilitators are also experienced actors and coaches, they can recreate the conditions of a stakeholder meeting and require your people to put the tools into practice with expert feedback, advice and coaching. We call this process putting them in the ‘flight simulator’. This is where the true spike in learning occurs.

Coca-Cola: Building influencing skills with colleagues, partners and customers

Coca Cola Case StudyCoca-Cola is the world’s number one consumer brand. For more than a century it has been able to put itself within ‘arms reach of desire’ of consumers across the globe, due to it’s much-emulated ‘system’ of franchise-style relationships with independent ‘bottling’ companies. To make the system work and deliver exceptional stakeholder value, Threshold works closely with Coca-Cola Company’s associates to build their communication and influencing skills often in high-stakes situations, enabling both parties to reach beneficial win-win outcomes

EY: Helping leaders in the business to enhance their impact and presence

EY Case Study

With new rules radically changing the accountancy sector, big firms need to change the way they do things. This requires an equally radical change of approach when it comes to communicating their ideas. Threshold works with Partners to increase their impact, credibility and persuasiveness. By recreating the conditions of high-stakes meetings and presentations, with feedback and coaching, we help them to get the vital points across with clarity and impact.

The result is a marked improvement in personal effectiveness and relationships, with stakeholders, colleagues and customers.