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“Threshold have worked with us to bring about a new leadership culture and have literally changed the lives of countless individuals across Aviva."


Group Organizational Development Director, Aviva Plc


What We Do

Leadership communication

Research shows that the way in which leaders communicate with their teams directly drives both employee loyalty and effort.

Strategic plans only succeed when they are communicated effectively, and the evidence shows that senior line-managers are the most important influencers and opinion leaders.

In short, leaders at all levels need to be able to deliver a message to a team, listen and encourage input and involvement as part of a dialogue. We enable your line managers to excel at these three fundamentals of effective communication. They learn to use the techniques that professional performers use to build inner confidence and rapport with their teams.

We work with your leaders and line-managers at all levels to ensure that they are better at communicating and winning buy-in. These leaders learn to carry the key messages of the most senior leadership in a way that is clear and credible.

The workshop is especially relevant where there is a need to win buy-in to new plans or goals. It provides a range of tools that managers can use to communicate more effectively and provides ample opportunities for participants to practice their skills.

 BP: Turning leaders into communicators

BP Case StudyThreshold has supported BP for several years in helping to build the face-to-face communication skills of line-managers. This meant that when disaster struck the in the form of the Gulf of Mexico incident we were able to ensure that the organization was able to communicate with it's workforce in a way that built trust and credibility, through it’s most trusted source, it’s line-managers.

Rolls Royce: Building the communication capability of Line Managers

Rolls Royce Case StudyWhen an internal survey indicated that employees felt that their line managers weren’t adequately communicating with them, the organization had to sit up and take notice. Threshold developed and delivered Managers as Communicators, in the UK, US and Singapore. Managers at all levels from supervisors to divisional boards participate in the programme.

When the business needed to win support for a major overhaul of compensation and benefits, in a highly unionised environment. Threshold worked in depth with senior leaders in HR, across the business.

These leaders were taught how to position messages, how to build trust through ‘words that work’, how to deal with difficult - and sometimes hostile - comments and questions. The conditions of a tough and high-stakes presentation were simulated to allow participants to get coaching and feedback in real-time.

The difference that this made was remarkable. The business won support for the changes, in the face of what had seemed to be a very intransigent union.