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“Threshold have worked with us to bring about a new leadership culture and have literally changed the lives of countless individuals across Aviva."


Group Organizational Development Director, Aviva Plc


What We Do


We are all negotiators.  We have to do it in every aspect of our (working and private) lives; we are constantly negotiating with, persuading and influencing colleagues, clients, suppliers.  Sometimes it’s easy to get what you want, sometimes you can exploit your dominant commercial position, sometimes you’re OK with walking away from the deal.  Where the on-going relationship is just as important as the outcome, though, you need to employ some of the skill, art and science of negotiating.

Drawing on decades of commercial experience in business, as well as psychology, we work with people to help them to identify where interests converge, and how to use them to reach a successful outcome.  We share tools and techniques to begin the negotiation, to deal with the tactics that people will often employ and ensure that the negotiation is resolved effectively.  We look at the common pitfalls of negotiating and influencing, the different approaches to adopt and how to handle dirty tricks and hard-ball negotiators.