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What We Do

Performance conversations

It’s a fact - most of us are not effective when it comes to giving feedback! Our research with YouGov shows that most employees do not believe that their line managers are effective at giving honest feedback.

However, the same research shows that where managers give frequent and regular, honest, feedback, employee engagement and loyalty improve significantly. Simply improving the ability of your line-managers to give and receive feedback is a ready source of competitive advantage that costs little.

We enable people to confront under performance or unacceptable behaviour; give and receive feedback; and constructively change situations. Honest Performance Conversations currently operates in Aviva, BP, British Gas, Centrica, Coca-Cola and the BBC.

Through lively facilitated discussion, participants ‘deconstruct’ typical feedback conversations brought to life by actors. They then have the opportunity to try out the methods that they have learnt, with real-time feedback and advice.

Whether the important conversation is with someone who reports to you, a colleague or another stakeholder, evidence shows that the ability to give feedback in an effective way is a vital life skill, which enables you to get more out of yourself and those around you.

Aviva – Honest Performance Conversations to support a new global appraisal system

Aviva Case StudyAviva invested heavily in a new performance management and appraisal system. The organization was far-sighted enough however to recognize that the quality of any system is only as good as the quality of the conversations that take place between line managers and their people.

We established a very effective working relationship with Centre for Applied Positive Psychology who were also working with Aviva. We developed an absorbing interactive workshop, based on interactive theatre, role-play and simulations.

It has now been rolled out, not only across the UK and Ireland, but also in Singapore, India, Canada, USA and Europe. It is an integral part of the Front Line Manager programme.

Following the intervention, 75% agree with the statement: 'My line manager is good at giving straight, honest feedback', as opposed to just 51% for the all-employee benchmark.