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Resilience at work

This practical and interactive workshop will help your people to get the most out of tough and stressful times. Disruption and pressure at work can be tough to handle! Many of us experience increased stress, anxiety and dissatisfaction.

So, why is it, that for some people, adversity acts as the springboard to greater opportunity? Can we identify a pattern? What are the common beliefs and attitudes of resilient people? What can we learn from them? How can we do what they do - and think what they think - to make ourselves stronger and more successful?

This workshop answers these questions. It combines practical experience with insights from positive psychology, together with a touch of more traditional wisdom. It will equip your people with practical tools and techniques to develop resilience and optimism when they need them.

This workshop is based on the popular business book, Be Bulletproof, How to achieve success in tough times at work, published by Vermillion. It has sold over 10,000 copies across four continents.

Be Bulletproof is the systematic use of proven tools to manage one's state of mind, creating a mind-set that is less distorted, and more functional, energizing and empowering. We will show colleagues how they can also use its methods, to boost their confidence, optimism and focus.

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What the UK Media are saying about Be Bulletproof:

"Take note of these rules and you'll soon be at Teflon-coated manager"

- Management Today

"Practical thought-provoking and inspirational solutions"

- Marie Claire

"A variety of case studies, interviews with psychologists, sports coaches and other trainers and a dash of timeless input from some of the world's more ancient but well proven thinkers."

- Personnel today

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Among others, we currently run resilience at work courses, based on be Bulletproof, for BP, Coca-Cola, EON, EY and Novartis.

EON _ Boosting psychological resilience through change

EON Case StudyAs a responsible employer, EON recognized that safeguarding good mental health among its employees, was essential not just from a health and safety point of view, but also form a performance perspective. During significant disruptive change, Threshold was brought in to run Be Bulletproof workshops for EON's workforce. The workshop shared practical day-to-day methods that boost psychological resilience during times of stress, disruption and change. The result was greater productivity and efficiency for the organization and enhanced wellbeing for the employee.