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“Threshold have worked with us to bring about a new leadership culture and have literally changed the lives of countless individuals across Aviva."


Group Organizational Development Director, Aviva Plc


What We Do

Team dynamics


We help teams to transform their performance by shaping the way they think, feel and work together. We facilitate techniques that enable teams to gain greater self-awareness and insight into the impact of their behaviour. This experience encourages team members to shift mind-sets, thinking innovatively, creatively and flexibly.

We create metaphors that simulate many of the challenges that teams face. These are particularly relevant where there is a need to engage, influence and listen to colleagues. Those teams who succeed are those who communicate, embrace change, work across silos and listen effectively. This creates a sense of what it feels like when we are working in a way that breaks down silos and continually spurs better performance.

The workshop is ideal for changing behavior around communication, listening, idea generation, trust, open-mindedness, challenging assumptions and working across silos.

There is compelling evidence that shows that the way in which team leaders and their teams communicate with one another makes an immense difference to performance. Team dynamics shows teams how to communicate and work together effectively along the journey towards their goal. It is about the on-going communication that allows a team most effectively to perform day-to-day.

Aviva: Team dynamics and the power of 'huddles'

Aviva Case StudyAt Aviva, the upheaval of a series of mergers resulted in a worrying decline in employee satisfaction. This jeopardised employee loyalty and engagement and ultimately customer service and business performance

Threshold’s research indicated that front-line managers on the ground tended to lack the interpersonal skills to engage with and motivate their teams. There was a need to increase both their communication skills, plus their understanding and buy-in to their role as day-to-day leaders.

The solution was to put the emphasis was put on a practice of short, frequent and focused team meetings, 'huddles', focusing on customer needs and business performance.

Threshold designed and delivered a high-impact 'catalyst' day to shift mindsets, change behaviour and build confidence. Using the interactive-theatre method, the change was embedded by the day-to-day practice of line-managers holding daily 'huddles' to embed the change. Threshold also equipped line managers with the influencing and persuasion skills to make sure that any potential blocker to team effectiveness could be dealt with.

So what was the outcome? Alastair Ham, Group OD Director: “The intervention changed the climate way beyond anything that we had dared to hope for.”

Aviva's own analysis showed that:

  • Productivity increased by 21%
  • Quality improved by 14%
  • Employee churn in 'target' (problem areas) reduced from 47% to 9%

Customer and broker satisfaction improved significantly 

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