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Smart psychology brought to life creatively

We draw on smart ideas from psychology, bringing them to life creatively, and turning them into sustainable behaviours. This creates better leaders, engaged employees and loyal customers.

What we do

Performance conversations
We enable people-leaders to confront under performance; give and receive feedback; and constructively change situations, while sustaining the relationship. The result is genuinely clarity of expectations on both sides of the conversation and a commitment to change and improvement.

Communicating with impact
Your people-leaders will learn to deliver a message to a team, listen and encourage input and involvement. They will explore and understand the way communication works from the point of view of the receiver and to use the techniques that professional performers use to build inner confidence and rapport with their teams.

The science of influence
This workshop equips your people-leaders with a range of practical tools to enable them to increase their emotional and social intelligence, and so helps them to manage relationships productively, in order to get the outcomes that they seek.

Communicating change
We enable your people-leaders to understand the main psychological factors that explain why change fails. We equip them with methods to communicate change effectively. They learn to set out a clear and credible vision on the endgame; make the compelling case for change; clarifying what is expected of individuals. 

Resilience under pressure
Your people leaders learn how to understand their own ‘emotional barometer’ and take a ‘reading of it.’ They learn methods used by athletes, when under pressure, to neutralise unhelpful thinking and summon strength, concentration and whatever else necessary to succeed.

Executive presence
Your people leaders develop a toolkit for dialling-up levels of confidence, when they need to. They learn to cut through and be heard and project the all-important parameters of warmth and competence which instil a sense of confidence in others.

Team dynamics
We help teams to transform their performance by shaping the way they think, feel and work together. We facilitate techniques that enable teams to gain greater self-awareness and insight into the impact of their behaviour. This experience encourages team members to shift mindsets, thinking innovatively, creatively and flexibly.

The leader as coach
We ensure that your people leaders are well versed in the rudiments of coaching and can readily adopt a coaching style of leadership when needed.

Case studies

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Our Clients

Joanna Henderson

Eastern Europe Marketing Director Diageo

The workshop was really active, collaborative and really inspiring. The tools Threshold provided, were very easy to understand and had a practical manner in terms of application to take away and use. The feedback from my team was overwhelmingly positive.

Darren Cornish

People Services Director at Aviva PLC

"Threshold are my go-to for working with teams and leaders on how to improve performance, behaviours and feel more bullet-proof (never more important than now). They always design bespoke to the outcomes and the dynamics of the specific situation.  They deliver interventions that both make a difference and are different and memorable."

Tracey Messner

Public Affairs Manager at Network Rail

"I was blown away by my training course today! I've always considered myself a good communicator and was excited to learn more from James Brooke and Sonia Murray at Threshold Communications ltd. And what a day! We started with basic building blocks and ended with skyscrapers! And excitingly there's more to come. The day completely surpassed my expectations and I can't wait to do more with them in January."

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